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Please note:

 Prices paid for selected Bus and Minibus are set for the whole day Trip. You may however use them for extra 100 km per day free of charges. And prices paid for selected small cars (ecotransport, executive and Van cars) are set for only one transfer, however if you choose to continue with our services, let us know  your waiting time and write down in the order message note, as it is amounted to 20 euros par hour.

In this code, we define a Passenger class to represent each passenger with their name and destination airport. The AirportTransport class manages the transport process and has methods to add passengers, transport them to the airport, and clear the passenger list after transport.

In the example usage, we create an instance of AirportTransport called transport. We then add three passengers using the add_passenger method. After that, we transport the passengers using the transport_passengers method, which prints the name and destination of each passenger. Finally, we clear the passenger list using the clear_passengers method.

Bus and Minibus transfers

At each ride please Check in 15 min before departure
1. Place of Departure

  • Our Departure Address in Brussels: rond-point Rober Schuman 1-4, 1040 Brussels
  • Our departure address in charleroi: Express Parking next to the Taxi
  • Our departure address at Brussels Airport: Parking  Bus P15/Café Java Restaurant

2. Place of arrival

  • Our arrival address in Brussels: as provided online
  • Our arrival address in Charleroi airport: Parking Express n 
  • Our arrival address at Brussels Airport: Drop off/Café java restaurant

3. Pick up at Brussels/Midi/Central/North

  • Flexbus bus station
  • In front of Carréfour de l’Europe central station
  • Midi station at Kiss and Ride

Do not forget

  • It is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in the car.
  • It is forbidden to enter the car without your valid transport ticket validated by the controller.
  • Any breakage or damage caused by you will be charged.

In case of emergency you can contact our call center +32495707878

This are steps of how you can book from ecoTransport Srl is the cheapest taxi company which has the ecotaxi2airport website plateform.

Passengers in Belgium and in Europe can book cheap cab service from Brussels airport or anywhere. Get please cheap transport to Brussels airport 20 percent less will be discounted if you use the coupon while you start booking.

In addition, passengers can choose pick up address then he can selects the number of passengers and number of languages.Lastly he can choose one or round way datetime. Once this is completed, passenger can submit the form to check on the price. Finally he can make booking and checking his trip out.

Then you can submit before checkout the price. If you are satisfied and ready you can then make payment in “place order. payment can be done in three options: one you can choose topay by credit card, you can also choose to pay by Bankcontact or if you want you can pay to the Driver in the car.

If you are not satisfied because the transport has been done because more than 15 min delays or no show, you may claim you refund within 14 working days.

You can also well make a comment here even negative critics is well welcomed as it helps us to improve the service we try to give to our customers. Kindly let your comments here.