Ecotransport Team

We move mountains. Dear Customer,

Merry Christmas and happy new 2023 year.

An exceptional year is coming to an end, filled with unique memories thanks to travel. Last year we weathered many storms, determined to move forward while waiting for the trip to return. But this would not have been possible without you! As 2022 draws to a close, I want to look back on the past before looking to the future. 2022 has been a year of rebirth and growth. We were all looking forward to getting out of our homes to explore new places or reminisce about old favorites. Over 1 million people traveled in our vehicles in 2022, and we have seen more and more travelers booking their tickets through the app. In addition to a marked transition towards the digitalization of travel with tickets offered for 90% of journeys, many of you have chosen Ecotransport to get to your destination. It makes me happy and saves our planet! has always had the mission of offering prices full of emotions. We remain faithful to our approach by facilitating travel, whether by minibus or bus, Ecotransport car. From Brussels to Zaventem airport from Charleroi sud Airport to Brussels from Ghent, Brugge to Brussels: Ecotransport transports millions of users and will continue to do so across Belgium, France, the Netherlands and many more in 2023. This year, we have invested heavily in user experience as our customers are the backbone of our business. We’ve offered even more choices for flexible travel, we’ve introduced an intuitive service to collect all reviews and feedback, and our TrustPilot score has reached 4.2 out of 5. Your satisfaction and safety will always be our top priority. Travel has changed and we will never take it for granted again. We will continue to invest in this passion that we share and will remain by your side to offer you journeys full of emotions. To a better year 2023,

Tinsia Manasseh



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