Most Frequent asked questions

Number of  the order

To ensure that our communication runs smoothly on both sides, we ask you to accurately specify the passenger's number (because the name on the reservation vaucher is sometimes different from the person traveling) his phone number and WhatsApp number, tell us his exact address or destination and finally if you are going or coming from the airport, please tell us your flight number.

 Write down in "note of the customer order" if you require  babyseaters

If you do need a babysitter, you have to be precise about that.

Driver detail are included in the vaucher you received.

The name and telephone number, other detairs of your located drivers are automatically included in your offer and please you may contact him them first in case you have an issue.

 Pickup in Brussels

When must the remaining amount be paid in cash to the driver in car?

We ask our client to be prepared, when payment is in cash and it must be paid after the one-way trip is completed. Please note: if your transfer is involved, the costs of the transport route ( for instance eurotunnel, péage), etc. ... all these costs will be paid by the driver. It is the responsibility of the driver.

When is full payment 100% not required?

If your pick-up address is from Brussels, ecoTransport can accept 0% payment a  Otherwise from a different pick address, even though 100% full payment is always recommended. If the passenger decides to take the risk of paying only 0%, eco transport is not responsible for his transport after a waiting time of 1 minutes at your pickup location. 

When the flight delay information can be accepted at Brussels airport?

At Brussels airport, flight delay information can only be accepted if the passenger informs that the flight is delayed before the scheduled landing time. The delays must be notified within five hours of landing from another pick-up airport and if the flight delay information is provided before the scheduled landing time

What are the benefits of providing the correct information?

If the customer gives the wrong flight number or fails to mention his name, any additional airport parking costs or waiting costs will be paid by the passenger. Our private policy is clear. We do not do business to sell our passenger data. Your personal information is only used by our company to communicate with you personally.

What is likely to happen if the passenger does not provide the necessary information?

Some passengers deliberately provide the wrong information about their data. Therefore, if the address is wrong, it will provide the driver with the wrong information, causing unnecessary parking and waiting costs for the driver. therefore he or she pays in extra km's, so 2 € for each km and 1 euro for extra minutes of waiting. The airport additional parking costs will also be added to the overall bill.

Where is the meeting point at Brussels airport?

The meeting point is: JAVA CAFÉ in the Zaventem Brussels Airport arrival hall

Pickup in Charleroi airport

Where is the meeting point at charleroi airport?  PARKING Express at Charleroi Sud airport.


 Pickup location at other airports

Regarding the collection from Roissy Charles de Gaulle; Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Heathrow and Luxembourg airport, the meeting point will be outside your terminal as soon as you arrive, there is always a gate and the driver must indicate the number of gate and to the driver and he will wait you at the exit of the main entrance.  Because it's easier to pick you up at your gate. The drivers always have your name in hand; your name and your flight number and your telephone.
Please note that for other airports, in our region of operations, an appointment regarding meeting point must be agreed upon with the driver before departure to avoid misunderstanding.

What can I do if the car for which I have registered for the transfer is different?

The make of the car and the name of the driver can sometimes change due to availability. However, in all circumstances we will try to meet the passenger's requirements. In every situation we will give you a car that is in you vaucher. Before we make changes, the passengers are notified by telephone or by e-mail for confarmation.

What to do if the passengers because sick or  disabled

We cannot refuse to transport any passenger wether ill or somebody who have a severe handicap but bear in mind that we do not have medical professional driver or adapted handicap vehicles. Our drivers are not also trained for such transportation.
If a passenger is ill or has a disability, however small, he must inform us before departure, so that together we can review the feasibility of the journey or eventuelly cancel the journey.
Every passenger is a customer of ecoTaxi2Airport.com and not the customer of the driver.
During the trip, the driver is given the mandate to receive on board the vehicle on behalf of ecoTransport.

What to do if the passengers are very ill or severely disabled

If the passenger asks me for a receipt, what to do?

The passenger is the ecoTransport customer, he will invoice immediately as soon as the payment is completed by email.
If the customer requests this, the driver must inform him that his receipt indicating the total amount has already been sent directly to him by e-mail and eventually the bill will be sent to him by post.

Once on board, if the passenger wants to change destination. What to do?

In his actual booking contract, the passenger has paid according to the indicated price for a destination that is well defined by the ecotaxi2airport.com platform. Thus, if the passenger changes his actual destination and if the journey with the new destination turns out to be the same, the driver may agree with the passenger on the actual agreement, but if the new destination turns out to be longer than the actual journey, then a extra bill to be added 2 euros per Km and per passenger. This amount must be paid in cash to the driver

What to do for emergencies

Finally, for emergencies and other information that the passenger may need, send us one
email tmanasse@icloud.com Or contact us via the telephone number:+32495707878 We can help you.

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